To Call or Not to Call

To Call or Not to Call

So that first date is over it was great you want to see her again – now what?  When can you call, is there a right or wrong time to do so?  Should it be right away or should you wait a couple of days?  It truly doesn’t matter.

If you want to call immediately, she might think that it’s endearing, on the other hand she might think you are a psycho.  The fact of the matter is, do what you would normally do.  If you don’t always do what you would anyway, then you aren’t really being yourself are you?

The worst thing that you can do for your relationship life is to hide who you are because it is a deception.  Always be honest so that you can reveal exactly who you are and what you are all about.

If you don’t want to smile, don’t smile.  If you want to wear sweatpants to your first date… well that’s probably not really classy, but maybe you aren’t classy.  Maybe she likes sweatpants right

So if you want to call then go ahead.  If you would usually wait a few days or if you get busy and don’t think about calling, then that’s fine too.  Don’t change anything about you unless you want to.

Don’t try to act a certain way because you think another person wants you to do that.  If it isn’t how you would normally behave then don’t do it.  Be yourself with everything that you do.  That includes dating.  Now, this might mean that it could be a lot more difficult for you to find a mate, but when you do, she will be the exact girl for you.

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How To Talk About Deep Things

We’ve all been there, but too many of us start dating someone only to find out something huge.  These nuggets of information can range from, “i have kids”, or even as crazy as “I just got out of prison.”  The biggest question that many daters have is how to talk about large issues that could affect the other person.  There is definitely a time and place to be able to talk about the things that our lives end up having associated to them, but the important thing to remember is that nobody is immune from having some skeletons in the closet.

The first date can be the place to bring out some of these things, but it is important to pay attention to how the date responds to your questions.  For example, if you have a date that just wants to have fun and doesn’t really want something serious, the best thing to do would be to tell them if you have kids.  Dating someone with kids automatically puts the person dating you on a different playing field as they not only have to get you to like them, but your kids as well.  This can add a lot of added pressure.  The best way to kind of read your date and to know whether or not they are ready to hear some of your information is by asking them a series if questions to help you understand their commitment level and what they are hoping to get out of dating you.

Now, a first date should be fun, and some of the heavy information you have can wait until dates that are further on down the road, but some things can be brought up right up front to help break the ice and to help you know what you are getting into.  Make sure to always think about how the information will effect the other person, and if you find yourself falling for someone, get all of those skeletons out before moving to the next level.

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How To Get A Woman To Kiss You

How to Kiss a WomanIt’s no secret that one of the biggest advantages to dating is the romantic side of things.  Romance is something that we as human beings seek after as it helps us to feel love and satisfies our urges.  Nothing can be more fun than to make out, or to get that special kiss at the end of a date, but how exactly do you accomplish this?

While there are several different ideas, there is are a few things that are sure to get you a nice kiss from the girl you have taken out.  The first thing is to compliment a woman.  It is not enough to drop a ton of money at dinner, or on treats at the movie theater, but if you give a woman genuine compliments, it will go a long ways to helping you get the kiss at the end of the date.  Along with compliments, make sure to hold her hand and give some physical signs that you have no problem being touched.  The easier it is to touch each other, the easier it is going to be to get that romantic spark going.

The next thing that you can do to get that kiss is to pick an activity that requires you to be physical.  this can include a ride in the snow, or cuddling up around a camp fire.  Pick an activity that almost forces you two to cuddle each other to stay warm or comfortable.  These types of dates can really help to break the ice and can make it much easier to actually get the love that you are looking for.

As you can see, there are a few things that you can do to get that kiss.  The first thing is to make them feel safe with you, and the next way is to almost induce physical contact that is not forceful, but playful.  If you do these types of things, the kiss will most surely come.

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Use Your Muscles

Did you know that your muscles can play a big part in the world of dating?  Guys, we are serious when we say this.  Girls love muscles on a man, so if you are a guy, make sure you are taking care of yourself and get some bulging muscles of your own.  So how exactly do muscles help a man to attract  a woman?

The first way is obvious, sex appeal.  A guy with nice muscles only needs to wear a shirt that shows them off to get girls drooling over you.  These muscles are great to flaunt at the gym, or even on  the beach.  A woman loves to have a big strong man and feels much safer and secure with a man that looks like he can hold his own.  Getting muscles is  a great way to turn  up the romantic dial on any relationship as it drives women crazy.

The next way that you can use your muscles is by actually using them during a date.  You can either pick an activity that requires you to carry your date in your arms, or better yet, use those muscles for service.  For example, on dates, many people go shopping.  We’ve all seen that old lady trying to lift dog food from her cart into her car.  Take a time out and use those muscles to help out that old lady.  Girls dig this as it shows off your sensitive side while also showing that you are a strong and capable man.  Using your muscles for good is an easy way to impress your date and to help them keep the focus on you and want to get to know you better.

As you can see, muscles can come in handy, so using the muscles for good is the best thing to do when it comes to showing off for your date.  Start using those muscles and impress your dates so that you can increase your chances of a relationship.

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Online Dating – stay clear of scammers!

In many ways the life of online dating can be much harder than dating in real life. For one thing, you don’t have the chance to follow your gut instincts when you have a bad first impression of someone that you meet face to face and another thing is that you can’t learn from their body language what their intentions are. This is why the world of online dating scammers is growing steadily and why it pays for you to be aware of the dangers.

While talking to a person online, it can be hard to figure out if they are genuine or not. There are a few pointers that you can use of course and for the most part, these are basic common sense rules but ones that people disregard nevertheless. For example, if you are a man of an older age that has been invited to chat by a much younger girl that looks as if she has stepped out from the front pages of a fashion magazine, there is a good chance that you are being scammed. She could just like older men of course but you need to use your head.

Another thing that may give you some indication of whether or not the person you are talking to is genuine is how they talk to you. All of a sudden are you being bombarded with questions about your job, your savings, your income and your home? If this is the case then there is a good chance that you are being groomed to fall prey to a scam. The same thing applies if it would seem that the response that you are getting is too generic; as though they could be sent out to many people with no personal details in any of them except for your name. If this is the case, it could be the workings of a professional scammer.

There are entire websites out there dedicated to the cause of preventing online dating scams and if you think that you could be on your way to being a victim or simply want to learn more, it is best to research these before you jump into the online dating world to ensure your safety!

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How To Deal With Awkward Silence

Some dates just don’t go the way that you plan them to, but that’s part of the dating game.  While you may have an idea of exactly how you want the date to go, you may be totally surprised at how the date actually goes which can give you some very interesting moments.  If you happen to have a crazy dating moment that provides for some awkward silence, here are a few tips to help you move past it.

When the awkward silence happens at dinner, the easiest thing to do is to ask the routine questions.  Where do you work?  How many members are in your family?  While these questions can break the silence, the point of asking some questions is to get the talking, so try to refrain from one word answer questions.  Ask a question like, “how do you feel about….” and so on to get more into the way that their mind works and to learn more about how they view things.

If the date is just going horribly and you can’t take it anymore, the best thing to do is finish up dinner, the movie, or whatever activity it is, and then just drop your date off.  This may sound harsh, but if your night is horrible, theirs is too and why prolong the misery?  If the date is a total atomic bomb, just end it. She will appreciate it, we promise!

Awkward silence can also be funny as well if you use some comedy.  Silence happens because the date is nervous, so just make fun of yourself as that will lighten the mood and help them to loosen up and not worry so much about how things are going.  You will find this method is a great way to get rid of the first date jitters and so forth.

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Compliments Go A Long Way

Going on a first date can be a bit nerve racking as you have never met that person before.  The key to getting over this is to use some basic tricks of the trade to help break the ice and make things seem more natural.  When going on a first date, guys don’t realize this as much, but a girl goes through a long transformation.  They do their hair, buy a new outfit, and basically primp themselves up to look at attractive as possible.  While men do some of this to some degree, the woman usually spends hours to make this possible.

Since your date has spent forever on herself to look nice, the least you an do is pay her a compliment.  Women love to be complimented as it makes them feel special and it also puts a good light on you as you come across as a person that notices things.  Women like to be noticed, so give her a good compliment on her hair, or the outfit she is wearing.  Compliments are always welcome, but keep them nice and traditional.  If you give a woman a compliment for having a nice booty or a large rack, expect a slap to the face.  Compliments say a lot about you, and if you give a comment like that, your personality will be exposed and you will look  like a self centered pig.  Keep the compliments light and you will be able to have a much better reaction to them if you do.

If you compliment a women on a first date, don’t you dare to forget to compliment her on the second.  Women remember compliments, and you don’t  want to come across as fake  on the first date.  Always compliment, no matter if its the 20th date, you will be in much better relationship shape if you do.

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Grab That Hand!

One of the most solid pieces of dating advice that we could ever give a person that is asking out a person they don’t know on a date is to utilize the technique of holding hands. It may sound very elementary to you, but the fact is that most women are hoping that it happens.  Why is this?

Women want a man that is affectionate with them and that values them.  The best way for a woman to know that a man appreciates her and values her is through personal touch.  By touching, like holding hands, a man and woman will be able to get off on the right foot and show each other that they care about each other.  With that being said, there is a right and wrong way to hold a person’s hand.  Let’s go over these two methods.

The right way to hold a persons hand is to first of all get  read on how the date is going.  If the date is  not into you at all, don’t even attempt it, but if the date is going well and she is being flirty, GO FOR IT!  The easiest way to do this is to gradually just grab the hand while walking or to introduce the hand, use it to help her sit down or get up.  This will give you a spark that will make it more natural to start holding her hand.

Don’t force it.  If you go for a hand hold, and it doesn’t happen, just give up and let her initiate it from then on out.  People don’t hand to be forced to hold hands, and trying too hard will make you look like a fool.  The best advice is to make sure you have a good read on your date, and then go for it.  If she doesn’t want to, its ok and just let her make the move from there on out.

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Singles Holidays

Going on Singles Holidays

There are many destinations that have become magnets for singles holidays.  Single people are quickly becoming a larger portion of the population of world-wide travelers.  Whether you are going on vacation with other single friends or to meet new people, these types of vacation are a great way to go.  There are many tours that are designed for single people who want to enjoy their vacation time.  Some are designed for special interest groups, such as for women, students, professionals or other such groups.

Whether you are planning your singles holidays alone or in a group, it is great to know that you don’t always have to plan for months in advance to get all of the best tickets and hotels.  Some people work so hard that they don’t know when their vacation is coming until it is practically upon them.  Squeezing in a mini vacation is a great way to make this happen.  If you want to spend time with other singles, meet new friends or even just get away from it all, these last minute singles holidays are just the thing for you.

Looking for package deals can help with transportation, hotel stays and rental cars because all of that is rolled into one price.  This saves you from paying for each thing separately.  Many travel agencies offer package deals at a deep discount at the last minute, because perhaps someone has cancelled or the tour needs to be filled.  This kind of deal is perfect for singles holidays.

Remember that you also need to be safe as you travel, so even though your singles holidays may have been planned at the last minute, be sure to let others know where you are going and set up a couple of times when you will all and check in during the trip.  So, begin by searching online and soon you will find the perfect vacation for you, whether you have lots of time to plan and prepare, or whether you suddenly have some free time next weekend.

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Proper Dating Wear for the Holidays

Its the holiday season and you have a date to go on, but do you wear the green christmas sweater, or do you put on the fun reindeer antlers?  The answer to this question is neither as the holidays are fun and festive, but knowing what to wear on a date when online dating is important, even during these merry times.  So how can one know what to wear when it is the holiday season in order to impress their date?

The first thing to consider when looking for things to wear on a date during the holidays is to ask yourself if you look normal or ridiculous.  While it may be fun to wear the Santa hat, remember that you don’t want to scare your date away the second you meet them.  Work them into a few dates before you start wearing the festive wear.  Remember that holiday or not, you are trying to look your best for your partner, as they will be trying their best to look good for you.

Ditch the Christmas sweaters as they look horrible!  Having the ability to be able to not look silly is an important part of online dating.  Most christmas sweaters have extremely tacky patterns and stupid pictures that are an immediate turn off for most online daters.  Do yourself a favor and just get rid of them, for good!  Now that you have heard a few things that you should not wear, what about some things that you should wear.

Make sure to dress appropriate for the weather.  This means to make sure you wear a coat or jacket if it is cold outside.  Stay away from short sleeved shirts in cold weather as you want to look intelligent and look like you know how to dress for the weather.  Long sleeve shirts and pants are the most appropriate thing to wear in the cold, unless you are a lady. Dresses are still fashionable, but make sure you wear a coat and have the accessories such as gloves and ear muffs to look the part as well.

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