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If you are single and living in the UK you may be interested in what dating services in London has to offer.  There are both online and offline services for singles to meet other interested singles.  If you haven’t tried online dating, maybe you would like to know more about how it works and can help you meet other singles in London.

If you are looking for a specific location, you will want to search the Internet for dating services London, so that you find local singles.  Online dating services are based all around the world, so it is a good idea to be specific if you want to date singles in the UK, particularly in London.  There are many services and you can often get a free trial before paying to join as a member.  In addition, there are many that are completely free, so you can see the tools and options offered and make a good choice in online dating services.

One of the first things dating services London offers will require of you is a personal profile.  You will want to create a profile that puts you in a good light without being dishonest.  It may seem difficult to come up with the perfect profile, but there are many tools and tips that the dating sites or other sites can offer you to help get yours up to par.  After your profile is created, you can begin sending messages to other members whose profiles seem compatible with yours.  You can look at photos and read information to help you decide whether or not you want to send a message.  Be aware that you need to send at least 25 or more messages to get one or two answers back, so try not to be upset by the rejection.

The whole idea in online dating services London offers is that people are narrowing down the field to people who are more likely to get along well with them.  You and every other member on the site are doing the same thing.  If you are patient, you may eventually find a dating partner, and who knows where it will go from there?

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Speed Dating London

What to Know Before Speed Dating in London

The truth about dating is, a lot of time can be wasted, combing through dozens of “potentials,” searching for someone who doesn’t drive you nuts, snap their gum, or live with their mother.  In speed dating London singles have found a quick and exciting solution to just get you “out there,” and begin fishing around in a lake full of opportunity.

The principle is simple, and kind of fun.  Originally organized by a group of Jewish people to aid their singles in the dating process, speed dating involves a few elements.  A large group of singles meet in one place, and basically line up, receiving about five minutes per person to get to know them, and try to spark their interest before the timer goes off.  One by one, you move down the line, having just those five minutes to make an impression sufficiently great to be able to get the number of the guy or girl across from you, and hope for further follow-up.  There are many ways that speed dating London groups operate, but the principle is the same:  find someone you could potentially date.

 However, with only five minutes, it becomes a bit of a challenge to be able to present yourself in a way that will attract the kind of person that you are looking for.  Surely skill comes with experience, but a few tips before you go really can’t hurt.

Although the situation is initially uncomfortable, if you take a group of friends, you will be able to laugh and enjoy the situation, no matter what happens.  You are likely to run into something that makes you raise your eyebrows, and laugh hysterically with your buddies afterward.  But you never know what else you might find as well.  Do not go to a speed dating London activity completely drunk—if you only have five minutes to make a good impression, it might just be better to keep your head about you.

Try not to be fake—if you are out speed dating, chances are, you are looking for someone to be with.  Being superficial or fake is something that could cause someone to quickly delete your name from their list of possible fish, thus dampening your chances of actually finding something that could ‘work out.’  Present yourself as truly and politely as possible, and allow them to talk just as much as you do.  This experience should be an ‘equal opportunity’ one, and you never know what that might blossom into.

So save some time, get up your guts, put on your best cologne, and try out the speed dating London action.  You never know how quickly you could snatch yourself a good one.

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Introducing Your Date To Your Friends

Most people value the opinions of their friends and most people put a friendship first in the priority line of a relationship.  Most people will not date a person their friends do not like as they are worried they will lose friendships if they date a certain person.  So what is the best way to show off your new date to your friends?  The answer is that it all depends on the way you have set up your date to your friends through your words.

What we mean by this is that if you always talk highly of your date to your friends, they will tend to like your date more because they know how much you like them.  On the flip side, if you always complain to your friends about all of the bad things your date does, they will be more inclined not to like your date. As you can see, the way you talk about your date makes a big difference.  If you really like your date, and want your friends to like them, really be careful about what you say out loud about your date in front of them.

The next thing to think about is the meeting place and the atmosphere that you are planning on having when your date meets your friends.  The best place is in a situation that is less serious and more fun.  This means it would be great to have that initial meeting at a game night or at a party.  The last thing you want to do is take your date to a fancy dinner with your friends as this can be a high pressure situation and make your date very nervous.  To avoid the meeting from going bad, a great idea is to take your friends out on a fun outing and have your date tag along.  This will make for a great atmosphere and will allow your date to be more like themselves around your friends,which will allow them to do what they need to do to win the favor of your friends.  As you can see, having the right situation can make all the difference when it comes to having your friends meet your date.

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Why Dating in London is A Hot Item!

London has been recently said to be one of the dating meccas of the world.  While many people wonder why this is the case, the important thing to realize is that there are people here in London that actually are looking for love and a relationship.  This means that if you are single, that you should just flock to London as there are people there to date and get to know.  Now that we have that out of the way, lets talk about the main reasons why London is a dating hot spot at the moment.

The first reason is because of the beauty of the place.  Lets face it, it is way easier to fall in love in a place that you both feel is beautiful and has that magical feeling to it.  Well London definitely has this kind of effect on relationships as there is tons of history just seeping from the city.  London has very old buildings and historical sites that can be visited to give it that appeal that lovers are looking for.

The next reason why London is so sought after is because of how near it is to other locations.  Places like Paris and historical sites that are similar are very close and nearby.  This makes dating in London easier than most other places because you don’t have to sit around the house and wonder about what on earth you can do as a couple.  There are just tons of sights and places to see within the city that will make it easier than ever to find something to do.

Not only is there great historical things to see, but London has a fantastic night life environment.  There are bars, places to hang out, and tons of the hottest clubs that you and a date could totally meet up at.  These places provide couples the opportunity to have fun, and then have the time of their lives as they dance their way to the hottest music.  If you love dating, and want to join the dating mecca of London, don’t be afraid to give it a try.

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London Dating Online

If you live in London, or in the UK, it is easier than ever to date online.  Because the UK and London are very heavily populated, it has never been easier to find people that could be potential matches for you online.  While there are several large dating websites, there are specific dating sites that apply to the London and UK area.  This makes it much easier to find people that are closer to your geographical location and makes it that much easier to meet these people and go on a date.  Because London is an amazing city, it has tons of things to look at and experience, and knowing the city will make your date that much better when it actually happens.

Dating in London is full of mystery and fun, as there is so much history to partake of and so many sites to see.  We would absolutely recommend getting a guide book or getting some type of app for your phone that will show you the sights to see in London.  This will make it very easy when you find that person that you click with online to be able to do something fun and romantic.  Try and pick sights or activities that make that person get out of their comfort zone a bit so that you can spark up some good conversation and be able to get to know them much better than you would if you took them to a movie which requires silence.

Because dating in London is so popular, make sure you get online and join the specific London dating sites.  This will increase your chances of finding someone that will make a difference in your life and that you will be compatible with.  Finding that special person can change your life and help you to experience London in a new way that you never though imaginable.  London dating is here to stay and is very popular, so join in the fun and experience dating how it is supposed to be in the magical place of London!

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Borders UK Launches Online Dating Site

A wise man once said “Tell me what you read, and I’ll tell you who you are”. Well, Borders UK is putting that old adage to the test. The popular bookseller has recently launched Happily Ever After, a new online dating service meant to pair up couples who share a love of reading.

Books are always a sure-fire conversation starter, and with Happily Ever After, you’ll never be at a loss for words. Borders UK’s goal is to bring together people with similar interests to take the difficulty of breaking the ice. Borders UK also makes use of its vast dating and self-help resources, promoting the latest and most popular books to hit shelves and help users in their search for love.

This is the latest development in a recent trend that sees more and more booksellers launching dating sites. Last year, Penguin joined with to create Penguin Dating, a free online dating service that also strives to pair singles based on their literary interests.

In upcoming weeks, users can sign up to Happily Ever After for only £1 a month. The low price will let people browse the site and check out all of the online dating features that Happily Ever After has to offer. After the initial test period, however, the monthly subscription price increases to £9.99. So, take advantage of the offer while its available for your chance to live Happily Ever After.

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Identity Theft on Internet Dating Sites

A new threat has presented itself to the world of online dating. “Sweetheart Scammers” are on the prowl, looking for potential victims on popular internet dating websites.

The FBI has coined the term to describe identity thefts who lure their victims through dating websites and chatrooms. Once they’ve found the right person, they court them with gifts bought with stolen credit cards. Finally, the theft will send his new squeeze a fake money order which will ultimately result in money being drained from rather than deposited into their account. Identity thefts also use personal information found on dating sites to track credit card numbers, social security and social insurance numbers and other important information.

To avoid falling victim to this crime, here are a few preventative measures you can take:
Do not use your real name or personal information when using internet dating websites. Create a separate e-mail account when communicating with contacts you’ve met online.

Do not use your regular or work e-mail address as your username on any dating site. There are even some websites that use “double-blind” e-mail method, that restricts each party access to the other’s real identity.

When you’ve decided to continue communication offline, ensure that you are able to block your caller ID and don’t give out your work or home number. Both of these can be used to track your home address and other types of crucial personal information.

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The Difference between Real Life and the Movies

There are many people that have a slightly skewed view on romance. Of course you want to fall in love and have the happily ever after that you so often see in a Hollywood romance film. Unfortunately that is sometimes not the case in all situations and it is important to set your expectations accordingly.

The problem is there are often young singles out there searching for true romance and while there is nothing wrong with that, the truth is there are many movies that lead you to believe that romance is actually something out of the norm and that for a true connection one must have roses, lavish hotel rooms and spur of the moment trips to Paris.

While many do have experience with relationships and do know that that once in lifetime is a very special feeling, others believe that this will happen to them with the next person that they meet.

Online dating has opened many doors to those seeking to meet the perfect match. If a motion picture romance is what you are looking for you can very well specify this in your profile and hope that either your princess or your prince are the next reader, but don’t hold your breath because that guy (or gal) next door just might make you way happier in the long run!

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What to Wear on a First Date

Deciding what to wear for your first date should be as important as deciding what you’re going to wear to an interview because, let’s face it, that’s really what a first date is (but with cocktails!). The motto ‘first impressions count’ really carries weight in the dating world!

But before you get your panties or boxers in a knot, realize that you don’t have to go out and spend a thousand dollars to make a good impression. It’s all about what you want to convey to your date.

Think about your personality and what you like to do. If you are sportier don’t be afraid to show it! If you’re classic casual let it show! Fashion can speak as much about your personality as you want but remember to always keep it tasteful. No one wants to go on a date with a guy wearing sweats and a baseball jersey but it is important to show the other person who you are.

Another thing to consider is where you are going on this date. Wouldn’t it be awkward to meet your date at the movies and she’s wearing a tiny dress and heels? Or heading to a classy restaurant only to see your date sitting there wearing shorts! Movies generally call for casual dress, say jeans and a casual shirt – this look works for both men and women. Dinner dates can mean slightly more dressed up clothing depending on where you go, say dress pants and a casual shirt for men or jeans and heels for women. And most importantly when dating either online or not remember to be yourself, be confident and have fun with your fashion!

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Online Dating Optimism

There is something that many don’t consider when it comes to online dating; Online dating is not a guaranteed way to meet someone that is going to be your absolute soul mate- it is simply another convenient method to help aid in that goal.

Many create a profile on an online dating website and truly believe that this is a formula for meeting a soul mate. This is not always the case. Like getting set up by friends, there are several outcomes that may result. Yes, you may fall deeply in love with the first person that you meet and you may be very lucky together in the future but chances are that you will need to go through several experiences before this happens so you must remain optimistic throughout the process.

Everyone (or at least most) on the online dating site are there for the same reason as you, they would like to meet someone to start and continue a relationship with. But with many different personalities, the chances of the first being a complete match is highly unlikely.

If you keep a positive attitude and start fresh with everyone that you meet online or otherwise then you will be much more likely to have an unbiased approach and meet the person that you have been dreaming about all along!

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