Online Dating for the Novice

It seems that everything on the web is created for the super tech savvy today. These days many programs, applications and software in general is geared to those that already have quite a background using the internet, computers and other technological programs. Well there has been an overwhelming response to those that aren’t as computer savvy as others to simplify and explain certain things.

Online dating websites are picking up on these vibes and certainly trying to make themselves more user friendly to those that may need a little more assistance than others. It’s not to say that creating an online dating profile is difficult. But if you are not familiar with features such as cut and paste or perhaps something like the refresh button then you may need a little tutorial.

There are different demographics of people that sign up to participate in online dating. Those of the slightly older demographic are the ones that tend to experience a little more difficulty using the software that is required to create a profile and communicate with other online dating candidates.

There are many sites that are now offering 24/7 assistance to help those that are looking to go online with their love life and make the process more seamless and very simple for those that don’t currently find it so.

So remember if you were hesitating going online due to computer inhibitions then not to fear as there will now be a better way for you to use the system and always a little help guiding you through the process.

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5 Million Online Dating Court Case

There will always be that one person that aims to take an industry by storm or perhaps make his fortune on something totally ridiculous. Well its not to say that something like this hasn’t been done before but this will definitely be the first for this type of situation.

A man is suing Match.com for falsely representing potential partners. The man claims that Match.com is falsely representing that they have those people that he would be able to create a life with but in reality they are actually profiles of members that are no longer active on the website.

The man claims that he has suffered immense emotional trauma because of hope that these people that he contacts will write him back but they simply do not use the Match.com program any longer so they are not contacting him back.

There is a slight flaw to all this madness. Firstly, shouldn’t there only be one person that takes the man’s heart? And secondly is this really a joke? The internet aside, no one files million dollar claims for a little rejection, in the real world if you have 5 million dollars for every time a relationship didn’t work out you would be filthy rich and so would everyone else that has ever had their heart broken.

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New Player in Online Dating Market

As the online dating market gets more and more brands for people to choose from, there are also more and more twist to the type of online dating that the new services offer. The latest that we have come across is the VirtualDatingAssistants.com.

This websites was definitely designed with the busy rich guy in mind. The virtual dating assistant is almost exactly as what it sounds to be. It is an automated system that works for the business professional males that simply have no time to do the internet dating part of the relationship. This site will go through profile after profile of female candidates and promises to arrange 2 dates a minimum per month for the male member.

The online tool is preset with everything that the male requires and is very intelligent in figuring out matches that “guarantee” to meet the interests of the men behind the profile that have very little time but all the money to spend.

A membership to this “oh so helpful” site is a not so shabby $480 USD per month. The site guarantees 40 hours of time spent going through newly added female profiles not to miss a potential match.

Online dating has become very popular and many websites are coming up with new ideas and twists on online dating to satisfy the ever growing demand for a service that does it all and meets the expectations of many clients that are out prowling the web simply looking for the one thing everyone wants: true love

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