Proper Dating Wear for the Holidays

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Its the holiday season and you have a date to go on, but do you wear the green christmas sweater, or do you put on the fun reindeer antlers?  The answer to this question is neither as the holidays are fun and festive, but knowing what to wear on a date when online dating is important, even during these merry times.  So how can one know what to wear when it is the holiday season in order to impress their date?

The first thing to consider when looking for things to wear on a date during the holidays is to ask yourself if you look normal or ridiculous.  While it may be fun to wear the Santa hat, remember that you don’t want to scare your date away the second you meet them.  Work them into a few dates before you start wearing the festive wear.  Remember that holiday or not, you are trying to look your best for your partner, as they will be trying their best to look good for you.

Ditch the Christmas sweaters as they look horrible!  Having the ability to be able to not look silly is an important part of online dating.  Most christmas sweaters have extremely tacky patterns and stupid pictures that are an immediate turn off for most online daters.  Do yourself a favor and just get rid of them, for good!  Now that you have heard a few things that you should not wear, what about some things that you should wear.

Make sure to dress appropriate for the weather.  This means to make sure you wear a coat or jacket if it is cold outside.  Stay away from short sleeved shirts in cold weather as you want to look intelligent and look like you know how to dress for the weather.  Long sleeve shirts and pants are the most appropriate thing to wear in the cold, unless you are a lady. Dresses are still fashionable, but make sure you wear a coat and have the accessories such as gloves and ear muffs to look the part as well.