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How To Deal With Awkward Silence

Some dates just don’t go the way that you plan them to, but that’s part of the dating game.  While you may have an idea of exactly how you want the date to go, you may be totally surprised at how the date actually goes which can give you some very interesting moments.  If you happen to have a crazy dating moment that provides for some awkward silence, here are a few tips to help you move past it.

When the awkward silence happens at dinner, the easiest thing to do is to ask the routine questions.  Where do you work?  How many members are in your family?  While these questions can break the silence, the point of asking some questions is to get the talking, so try to refrain from one word answer questions.  Ask a question like, “how do you feel about….” and so on to get more into the way that their mind works and to learn more about how they view things.

If the date is just going horribly and you can’t take it anymore, the best thing to do is finish up dinner, the movie, or whatever activity it is, and then just drop your date off.  This may sound harsh, but if your night is horrible, theirs is too and why prolong the misery?  If the date is a total atomic bomb, just end it. She will appreciate it, we promise!

Awkward silence can also be funny as well if you use some comedy.  Silence happens because the date is nervous, so just make fun of yourself as that will lighten the mood and help them to loosen up and not worry so much about how things are going.  You will find this method is a great way to get rid of the first date jitters and so forth.

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