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Compliments Go A Long Way

Going on a first date can be a bit nerve racking as you have never met that person before.  The key to getting over this is to use some basic tricks of the trade to help break the ice and make things seem more natural.  When going on a first date, guys don’t realize this as much, but a girl goes through a long transformation.  They do their hair, buy a new outfit, and basically primp themselves up to look at attractive as possible.  While men do some of this to some degree, the woman usually spends hours to make this possible.

Since your date has spent forever on herself to look nice, the least you an do is pay her a compliment.  Women love to be complimented as it makes them feel special and it also puts a good light on you as you come across as a person that notices things.  Women like to be noticed, so give her a good compliment on her hair, or the outfit she is wearing.  Compliments are always welcome, but keep them nice and traditional.  If you give a woman a compliment for having a nice booty or a large rack, expect a slap to the face.  Compliments say a lot about you, and if you give a comment like that, your personality will be exposed and you will look  like a self centered pig.  Keep the compliments light and you will be able to have a much better reaction to them if you do.

If you compliment a women on a first date, don’t you dare to forget to compliment her on the second.  Women remember compliments, and you don’t  want to come across as fake  on the first date.  Always compliment, no matter if its the 20th date, you will be in much better relationship shape if you do.

Posted by admin - December 23, 2010 at 7:27 pm

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