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How To Talk About Deep Things

We’ve all been there, but too many of us start dating someone only to find out something huge.  These nuggets of information can range from, “i have kids”, or even as crazy as “I just got out of prison.”  The biggest question that many daters have is how to talk about large issues that could affect the other person.  There is definitely a time and place to be able to talk about the things that our lives end up having associated to them, but the important thing to remember is that nobody is immune from having some skeletons in the closet.

The first date can be the place to bring out some of these things, but it is important to pay attention to how the date responds to your questions.  For example, if you have a date that just wants to have fun and doesn’t really want something serious, the best thing to do would be to tell them if you have kids.  Dating someone with kids automatically puts the person dating you on a different playing field as they not only have to get you to like them, but your kids as well.  This can add a lot of added pressure.  The best way to kind of read your date and to know whether or not they are ready to hear some of your information is by asking them a series if questions to help you understand their commitment level and what they are hoping to get out of dating you.

Now, a first date should be fun, and some of the heavy information you have can wait until dates that are further on down the road, but some things can be brought up right up front to help break the ice and to help you know what you are getting into.  Make sure to always think about how the information will effect the other person, and if you find yourself falling for someone, get all of those skeletons out before moving to the next level.

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